Task 2A

Assignment 2A: Microsite Mockup

“A microsite is particularly focused on a key campaign, event, product or service offering, has its own theme and brand message that aims to be brought to the target audience.”

Brief: To produce a Microsite Mockup in digital format for a fictional event. You may use the same event from your Assignment 1, which must be agreed as the group choice. The event of choice must have enough depth and scope to provide for various promotional gimmicks, be it on-ground, online or in-app implementations. (20%)

My groupmates include David, Samantha and Maryam (Merry). We have come to a decision to choose Merry’s Paint To Music music event poster in promoting the on-ground event. Below are the poster design and proposal prepared by Merry.  

Week 05-06: Research & Idea

Figure 01: Paint To Music Poster

Trello suggested by Mr Mike in assigning the tasks.

Figure 02: To-do List on Trello

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Figure 06: Example of Auto Website Wireframe on Wirify.com
ai wireframe blah-02
Figure 07: Information Architecture (IA) for Paint To Music

Here are the microsite references.

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Figure 13: Parklife Festival 2018

We decided to keep the microsite in a way that requires users to scroll a long way to different page sections and get to the bottom. Other than that, we are allowed to add a lot more information to the landing page. It would be a great conversion and controlled experience.

Figure 14: Sketches for Microsite Design
Figure 15: Wireframe for Homepage
Figure 16: Wireframe for Lineup page
Figure 17: Wireframe for Guides page
Figure 18: Wireframe for Experience page
Figure 19: Wireframe for Purchase page
Figure 20: Wireframe for About page
Figure 21: Wireframe for Contact page
Figure 24: Refining Paint To Music Logo
Paint to Music Typefaces
Figure 25: Typography for Paint To Music


Reference List:


Final Submission

Microsite Homepage:


Final Pages:

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